Electric Bike Limited Edition

Yvé meets Velorapida

Yvé meets Velorapida: from the encounter of these like-minded two brands comes this limited-edition, electric bicycle that combines quality, passion for details and a strong Made in Italy tradition.

Each Velorapida Limited Edition for Yvé is made focused on quality and passion for detail, following the world renowned tradition of Italian manufacturers integrated with innovation, safety and reliability. The result of the collaboration between Yvè and Velorapida is a new, fast and elegant bicycle with vintage flair produced by an Italian manufacturer with 90 years of experience in bike manufacturing.

Valorapida handlebars
Designing velorapida

Velorapida was created in 2013 by two friends looking for a good solution to move around town fast and easily, with a good balance between design and technology, innovation and tradition. From this idea they managed to join their passion with their needs: featuring elegance and style in an electric bike. The idea to hide the battery in the front leather bag was the winning solution. During our collaboration the original idea was redesigned including the front light in the leather bag giving it a retro look.

Driving a Velorapida and Yvé bike
Velorapida logo
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