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Uptown & Downtown – Mix, match and combine

“Uptown and Downtown were born from the idea of objects that are considered to be rejected as furniture due to their expiring use. Cardboard boxes are a perfect example of this, and I wanted to retake and dignify both their use and meaning, raising an object that, today, makes more sense than ever reflecting a society in constant change and movement.”

-Javier López, designer of Uptown & Downtown-
Updown & Downtown catalogue

Uptown — Uptown is a multipurpose complement characterized by a central cardboard structure on which a basalt gray 100% cotton paper-fabric has been hand-glued. Uptown, as well as a container, can be used as a table, tray or even a stool, as the solid oak cover / top is able to support the weight of a person. Uptown fully expresses its personality both as a single piece and in combination with Downtown, the furniture of the same family with lower dimensions.

Updown & Downtown technical information
Updown & Downtown material description
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