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My Little Office – Made of memories

“My Little Office is a home office that takes the language of our childhood and adolescence because it makes reference to the cork boards on which we attached drawings, photos and posters. This reference is adapted to the contemporary and to the adult age with the blackboard that is enriched and completed by the addition of a work surface which makes possible to support everything necessary to carry out our activities.”

– Javier López, designer of My Little Office –
My little Office as a home office

Designed to exploit spaces effectively and efficiently, My Little Office becomes a desk that allows other uses of the environment in a gesture, quickly and safely, by closing the top towards the blackboard with a system made of brushed bronze hinges.

My little Office technical information

The importance of the Made in Italy factor can be seen, among the many details, also from the bevel – strictly handmade – of the corners of the cork that covers the wooden structure of the blackboard.

My little Office material description
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