About Yvé

Yvé – from the Spanish, ‘and go’ – is a lifestyle project that translates modern everyday life into reality: fast and always surprising, made of experiences where environments like the office or the home are nothing but a tangible representation of every individual’s needs and taste.

Yvé Collection Showroom

Essential yet not minimalist, Yvé products are versatile and often multi-functional: they can be used to give new character to a space while remaining practical and playful. Think of a new living room, a bathroom or a study, both in in the privacy of your home and in a working environment.
Modular and easy to carry around, all Yvé creations are made in such way that they can follow us in all the phases of our personal and professional life.

Yvé Collection making of
Yvé Collection Handcraft

The core value of the brand? High-quality products and precious details made by expert suppliers who handle these noble raw materials with the care that only the principles of tradition and craftsmanship can teach. In fact, our Bathroom Collection is entirely made in Italy, specifically in Brianza, a region well known for its expertise and care in the production of Italian furniture.