About Yvé

Yvé – from the Spanish, ‘and go’ – is a lifestyle project that translates modern everyday life into reality: fast and always surprising, made of experiences where environments like the office or the home are nothing but a tangible representation of every individual’s needs and taste.

Essential yet not minimalist, Yvé products are versatile and often multi-functional: they can be used to give new character to a space while remaining practical and playful. Think of a new living room, a bathroom or a study, both in in the privacy of your home and in a working environment.
Modular and easy to carry around, all Yvé creations are made in such way that they can follow us in all the phases of our personal and professional life.

Familiar objects, wich belong to our everyday life, that have a smart and playful character that allows them to live in modern and desiderable environments. As an example, our Yvé Vanity with its innovative concept – awarded with the German Design Awards 2020 and Iconic Design Award 2020 – that is delivered with all the necessary components to be installed without the need of specialized technicians.

We produce locally, therefore, the choice of skilled and wise suppliers who treat noble materials with the care that only history teaches. Our expert manufacturers guarantee the quality of every single product, in fact, each piece is created ad-hoc, manufacturing our products with a sartorial care and with the utmost attention given to the individual customer.

Our creative office, wich coordinate all aspects relating to the conception and production of our products, are in Madrid, Spain, where the company’s registered office is also located.

For bespoke orders , Yvé also offers the possibility of choosing diferent colors or materials from the standars proposed in the catalog. In the Bathroom Collection you can also customize the width and the finish.

Yvé focuses on sustainability and quality by developing long-lasting products that minimise our environmental impact. We optimise the use of sustainable materials such as recycled materials, FSC-certified wood and water-based lacquer, with a growing number of eco-certified products. We have a strict regulatory requierements, and the majority of our products are tested to comply with international standards for strength, durability and safety.

We produce locally and adhere to EU environmental standards and industry certifications, wich are some of the most robust in the world. We work with local manufacturers and craft people to ensure that both the highest environmental and social standards are adhered to throughout our supply chain.

We are certified by the AIDIME technological institute with UNE-EN 13501-1: 2007+A1: 2010 certification, using water-based coatings that emit very fewer pollutants, wich makes us much more environmentally friendly, contributing to a healthier working environment and better indoor climate. Furthermore, water-based lacquer is often more durable than PU lacquer, so your wooden furniture can have a longer lifetime too.

In the pursuit of an environmentally friendly packaging, Yvé is removing all the plastic from this process.- All Yvé cardboard packaging is made with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable because no staples are used in the production.

Yvé Collection is a project by Javier López. Javier was born in Madrid and trained as designer. After several years of work experience in Milan, Italy, where he collaborated with some of the best design studios and companies in the field, he decided to create his own brand with his own particular vision.

He opened his studio in 2013, the same year in wich he was nominated for the Compasso d’Oro. In 2019 Yvé Collection is lauched during the Salone dil Mobile di Milano and in 2020 won the German Design Awards and the Iconic Design Awards for the Yvé Bathroom Collection.